Whistleblowing Platform


What is Whistleblowing?
Whistleblowing is the tool aimed at encouraging reports of offenses, in respect of the Reporting and Reported.

How is Whistleblowing regulated in Italy?
In Italy the Whistleblowing is governed by the Law 179/2017 which offers a special protection to the employee who reports wrongdoing learned during work, ensuring confidentiality and protecting it from retaliatory consequences

Who can make a report?
Anyone who learns of illegal or suspicious practices can make a report to Leonardo.

Can I make anonymous reports?
Yes, you can also report anonymously through dedicated channels.

Why should I make a report?
Responsible reports, carried out in good faith and in the interest of the common good, can allow the company to intercept in time and remedy and correct unlawful behavior and irregular actions or other non-conformities that represent violations of the corporate Code of Ethics and which may damage the company or third parties.

What types of offenses can I report?
Behaviors of any nature (including omissions), attributable to Group personnel or third parties, who have a relationship of any kind with the Leonardo Group, implemented in violation of internal Codes (eg Code of Ethics, Anti-corruption Code, Code of Conduct for the Suppliers), Model 231, Internal company protocols, Laws or regulations, with particular regard to the Anti-corruption Law, and in any case acts to cause damage to the Leonardo Group. Among the areas of the reports may be:

What do you indicate in the report?
It is important that the report, even if anonymous, is documented and detailed, in such a way as to provide useful information to allow an appropriate verification of the validity of the reported facts. Where possible, it is advisable to provide:

Who analyzes the reports?
Who analyzes the reports? The reports are analyzed by the Supervisory Body, composed mainly of external and independent members. Reports deemed to be founded are sent to the Reporting Committee (composed of the heads of the Group Internal Audit organizational units; Group General Counsel (Legal, Corporate Affairs, Compliance, Criminal Law and Anti-corruption); Chief People Organization and Transformation Officer; Security; Finance Administration and Control).

Who checks the accuracy of the reports?
Le uu.oo. Group Internal Audit and Security perform verification activities in order to ascertain the validity of the circumstances represented in the reports in compliance with the principles of impartiality, fairness and confidentiality towards the parties involved.

How is the confidentiality and protection of the Signaling and Reported guaranteed?
The Leonardo Group, in order to protect and safeguard the author of the report, ensures discretion and confidentiality in the entire process of management of reports, from the phase of receipt to the preliminary and final investigation. This form of protection is also granted to those who may be subject to reports of a libelous nature. The contents of the reports and the related information are in fact treated as "confidential information".

How is protection from defamatory reports guaranteed?
Defamatory reports are censored. If at the end of the verification / analysis phase of the Report by the u.o. competent authority, the groundlessness of the Report and the bad faith of the complainant, the u. The Chief People Organization and Transformation Officer will put in place appropriate initiatives, also assessed by the Supervisory Body, against the complainant employee.